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          Appeal No. 96-2890                                                          
          Application 08/318,781                                                      

               The appellant's invention is directed to a multi-layered               
          board game.  The subject matter before us on appeal is                      
          illustrated by reference to claim 11, which reads as follows:               

               11. A board game, comprising;                                          
               a support structure;                                                   
               three transparent game-boards joined with said support                 
          structure so as to be vertically separated from one another and             
          such that an upper playing surface of each game-board defines a             
          respective one of a first, second and third horizontal plane,               
          wherein the external shape of the upper playing surface of each             
          game board is defined by a multi-sided peripheral edge, and each            
          of said game-boards having two sets of parallel paths with said             
          sets being arranged orthogonal to each other on the playing                 
          surfaces with a plurality of the paths extending diagonally off             
          from peripheral edges of the playing surface on which said paths            
          are formed;                                                                 
                    a first series of game pieces which first series                  
          includes a first, a second and a third game piece type with the             
          three game piece types being different;                                     
                    a second series of game pieces that is visually                   
          distinct from said first series and includes first, second and              
          third game piece types which correspond with the first, second              
          and third game piece types of said first series, and                        
               wherein said support structure includes a column positioned            
          centrally with respect to said first, second and third game                 
          boards, and wherein each of the game boards provides a similar              
          sized playing field and each playing field has a similarly shaped           
          peripheral shape.                                                           

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