Ex parte EHRLICH - Page 7

                Appeal No. 96-3263                                                                                                            
                Application No. 08/363,594                                                                                                    

                to an unlocked position thereof, so that the coupling clip member                                                             
                is releasably engagable against the aperture in either the Series                                                             
                A or E track to enable removable anchoring of the coupling clip                                                               
                member within the aperture.  The aperture in the Series A track                                                               
                is rectangular and the aperture in the Series E track is I-                                                                   
                shaped.   Additionally, it is noted that ANCRA teaches Part No.                                                               
                40980-11 for use with a Series F track.  Part No. 40980-11 is a                                                               
                track fitting or coupling clip member lacking the claimed                                                                     
                articulating locking structure.  The aperture in the Series F                                                                 
                track is circular.2                                                                                                           

                         Berns (Figure 3) teaches the use of a rail anchor A                                                                  
                insertable through a circular opening 15 with a notch 17 provided                                                             
                in rail C.  The rail anchor has a substantially asymmetric omega                                                              
                shape and is provided with two anchor hook webs 11 and 12 which                                                               
                grip behind the rail C.  The rail anchor can be turned                                                                        
                practically 360 around the opening 15.3                                                                                      

                         2See pages 17 and 19 of ANCRA.                                                                                       
                         3See column 2, lines 1-31 and column 3, line 49 to column                                                            
                4, line 2 of Berns.                                                                                                           

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