Ex parte HOLLAND - Page 4

          Appeal No. 96-4043                                                          
          Application 08/235,538                                                      

          light-trapping members “consist of sheets with fluffs as facing             
          layers and flexible or compressible materials as base layers”               
          (column 3, lines 53 through 55).  Mizuno teaches that “a material           
          for the sheets can be selected from among woven and knitted                 
          fabrics of synthetic fiber such as nylon, polyester and acrylic,            
          regenerated fiber such as rayon, cupro and natural fiber such as            
          cotton, silk and sheep wool; non-woven fabrics; synthetic                   
          leathers; fluffy materials; flocked material and films” (column             
          3, lines 56 through 62).  In Example 5,                                     
                    [a] polyester thread of 70 denier/20 filaments was                
               used to form a ribbon of a twill fabric in accordance                  
               with a weave illustrated in FIG. 6 in which one warp                   
               thread overlies two weft threads and underlies one weft                
               thread alternately. . . . The ribbon was then treated                  
               for raising by a cylindrical sand grinder to form short                
               loops 0.2 mm long, as fluffs, and cut at a                             
               predetermined size to obtain the sheets [column 8,                     
               lines 6 through 22].                                                   
               It is not disputed that the Mizuno cassette meets all of the           
          limitations in appealed claim 12 except for those relating to the           
          specifically defined light-locking material.                                
               Okamoto discloses “a raised woven fabric whose surface is              
          covered with extra-fine fibers having a suede-like touch,                   
          appearance and feel” (column 1, lines 5 through 7).  Figure 2               
          illustrates a cross-sectional schematic view of a raised woven              


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Last modified: November 3, 2007