Ex parte HOLLAND - Page 6

          Appeal No. 96-4043                                                          
          Application 08/235,538                                                      

          the claimed light-fabric would provide excellent light-lock                 
          characteristics.  Furthermore, the Okamoto fabric is not napped             
          and sheared as required by the claims” (main brief, page 3).                
               Given the combined teachings of Mizuno and Okamoto, the                
          appellant’s argument is not persuasive.                                     
               As indicated above, Mizuno teaches that the light-trapping             
          components of the photographic film cassette disclosed therein              
          may be made of any number of different materials including raised           
          woven polyester fabrics.  Okamoto discloses a raised and sheared            
          woven polyester fabric of the type defined in claim 12 and                  
          teaches that such has uniform suede-like properties and a good              
          cover of raised fibers.  One of ordinary skill in the art would             
          have readily appreciated the Okamoto fabric, with its uniform               
          properties and good cover of raised fibers, to be one of the many           
          suitable materials contemplated by Mizuno for use as a light-               
          trapping component.  Given this appreciation, the artisan would             
          have found it obvious to so utilize the Okamoto fabric in the               
          Mizuno cassette.  The appellant has not challenged the examiner’s           
          official notice that staple yarns are old and well known for                
          their durability, or the examiner’s additional conclusion that              
          the use of such yarns in the fabric of Mizuno as proposed to be             


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Last modified: November 3, 2007