Ex parte MCCAULEY et al. - Page 3

          Appeal No. 97-0759                                                          
          Application 08/155,564                                                      

               the frustoconical surface of the ball and being                        
               positioned against the frustoconical surface of the                    
               ball; and                                                              
                    a resilient member in the form of an O-ring positioned            
               with the socket for engaging the spherical portion and                 
               for urging the frustoconical surface of the ball into                  
               engagement with the frustoconical surface in the                       
               housing whereby the ball is urged to a centered                        

               The rejection of claims 1 and 3-6 cannot be sustained.                 
               The examiner acknowledges (answer at 4) that Karl does not             
          disclose a spherical portion on a ball structure or a contact               
          stem extending through the spherical portion.  The examiner did             
          not state so but it is evident that Karl also does not disclose             
          an O-ring structure engaging the spherical portion of the ball to           
          urge the frustoconical portion of the ball in contact with the              
          frustoconical surface in the housing.                                       
               The examiner finds in Hagberg a joystick assembly having a             
          ball structure including a spherical portion and a frustoconical            
          portion and a contact stem extending from the spherical portion             
          through the frustoconical portion.  He concludes (answer at 4)              
          that it would have been obvious to one with ordinary skill in the           
          art to modify Karl's joystick head structure 9 by making it in              
          the shape of Hagberg's partly spherical and partly frustoconical            


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Last modified: November 3, 2007