Ex parte PASCOE - Page 5

          Appeal No. 97-1355                                                          
          Application 08/072,826                                                      

               Petaccia discloses a document finder utility.  A set of                
          criteria is established based on which document folders will be             
          searched.  After document folders have been searched and a list             
          of found items has been created, a user may execute a number of             
          operations on them, for instance, deleting, copying, or moving              
          (page 76).  Thus, not only is there no scrubber container, by the           
          time the delete function is identified in Petaccia, the document            
          folder or folders have already been searched based on the                   
          predefined user designated criteria.  While Petaccia discloses a            
          generalized document finder facility which finds files first to             
          permit various functions to be performed on them later, the                 
          claimed invention is directed to a specialized delete operation             
          which identifies the delete action first and then locates the               
          files based on criteria associated with the delete operation.               
          Thus, in connection with Petaccia, there is no need, purpose, or            
          motivation, for anyone to drag a scrubber container and drop it             
          into a document holding container to initiate a search for files,           
          in addition to there being no scrubber container as claimed.                
               Torres has been relied on by the examiner to show the                  
          conventionality of drag and drop operations involving display               
          icons.  Specifically, Torres discloses the dragging of one icon             
          and dropping of the same into another. As the examiner correctly            


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