Ex parte PASCOE - Page 6

          Appeal No. 97-1355                                                          
          Application 08/072,826                                                      

          stated (answer at 8):                                                       
               The more specific teaching of Torres is to allow an                    
               operator to select particular data fields from a                       
               plurality of data fields of a particular icon type for                 
               utilization in direct icon manipulation (see column 2                  
               lines 40-46 and elsewhere).  Ordinarily skilled                        
               artisans would have recognized this as the operation                   
               being performed in DeskTop 4.0 as described by Petaccia                
               in selection of certain criteria for use in searching a                
               But using a modified icon to represent selected data fields            
          of a particular type of icon having multiple data fields, as                
          applied to Petaccia in the manner explained by the examiner,                
          concerns only the identification of predefined search criteria.             
          It does not make up for the deficiencies of Petaccia regarding              
          (1) the existence of a scrubber container which is associated               
          with a predefined user designated criteria for deletion of                  
          documents, (2) selecting the scrubber container and dropping it             
          into a document container to automatically search for documents             
          satisfying the criteria associated with the scrubber.                       
               The fact that "drag and drop" is a generally known operation           
          involving display icons would not have rendered obvious all drag            
          and drop operations no matter what is being dragged, what is the            
          destination of the drop, and what subsequent events occur.  The             
          issue is also not simply using a scrubber object or icon to                 
          represent a delete function.  Rather, it is the specific manner             


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Last modified: November 3, 2007