Ex parte HORNE et al. - Page 8

          Appeal No. 97-1784                                                          
          Application 08/011,068                                                      

          chain from the period of the time signal.  Appellants argue that            
          the propagation through the lock window circuit measures the                
          amount to adjust the delay elements so as to converge on the                
          period of   the time signal.  Appellants argue that neither                 
          Rubinstein nor Collins teaches or suggests a lock window circuit            
          as recited in claim 8.                                                      
                    On page 4 of the answer, the Examiner argues that                 
          Collins teaches a lock window circuit in column 5, lines 15-25.             
          The Examiner argues that array 50 shown in Figure 3 meets                   
          Appellants’ claimed lock window unit.  On page 6, the Examiner              
          further argues that Collins teaches in Figure 4 a lock window               
                    Upon a closer reading of Collins, we find that Collins            
          teaches in column 5, lines 5-24, a programmable delay chip 14               
          which is a variable length clock path whose delay is a function             
          of the circuit technology and of the bit patterns stored in a 6x7           
          array 50.  The array 50 is used to hold the bit patterns which in           
          turn condition the paths through first and second sections 51 and           
          53, respectively, so as to vary the delay in each of the three              
          delay adjustments gross, medium and fine.  In column 5, line 43,            
          through column 6, line 7, Collins teaches that Figure 4 shows the           


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Last modified: November 3, 2007