Ex parte BAIL - Page 6

          Appeal No. 2000-0007                                       Page 6           
          Application No. 08/586,919                                                  

               The examiner's response to the appellant's argument                    
          (answer, pp. 6-7) is that                                                   
               [i]t is inherent to one having ordinary skill in the art               
               that the ultra-sonic anti-collision Suyama teaches                     
               determines direction and distance. Suyama's transmitter                
               is equivalent to the claimed transmitter means in claim                
               13. Suyama's direction sensor and ultrasonic circuit are               
               equivalent to Appellant's ultrasonic finder means.  . . .              
               In claim 13, all the "means for" language are function                 
               limitations, not structural elements. The broad language               
               of the Appellant's claim are functionally equivalent to                
               the structure shown by Suyama.                                         

               Suyama discloses a radio-controlled vehicle (e.g., a golf              
          cart) having a steering motor, a drive motor, a drive                       
          mechanism, and a direction sensor for receiving an RF signal                
          from a remote station (e.g., a golfer) to actuate the drive                 
          motor and to control the steering motor to direct the vehicle               
          to the station.  Also, an ultra-sonic anti-collision circuit                
          for preventing the vehicle from colliding with any obstacle                 
          lying in the way of its travel is provided on the vehicle.  As              
          shown in Figure 1, the vehicle includes, inter alia, a                      
          non-directional antenna 10 to receive a radio frequency signal              
          transmitted by a transmitter carried by an operator of the                  
          vehicle which is in a remote position from the vehicle, and a               

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