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               Appeal No. 2000-0580                                                                                               
               Application No. 09/025,347                                                                                         

               Example 3, column 24, line 1, to column 26, line 60).  Thus, in our opinion, Corder meets the                      
               limitations of paragraphs A and B of claim 1.                                                                      
                      We also note that Corder (Figure 7(a)) discloses structure for displaying images, such as                   
               animals, people, musical instruments, etc., which are known to make particular sounds, on a                        
               computer screen, making a sound to be heard by the student, and prompting the student to                           
               select the image which represents the person or object which makes the sound.  Further,                            
               Corder discloses structure for displaying images on a computer screen and prompting the                            
               student to select the image which meets a particular criterion (Figure 7(b); column 13, lines 1-                   
               9).  However, there is no indication that these images are "images of said objects" identified by                  
               the words for which the phonetic sounds and letters are stored in the electronic dictionary, as                    
               required by claim 1.                                                                                               
                      The Corder system also comprises a microphone, voice recorder and voice analysis                            
               hardware which permits a student to enunciate a sound, syllable or word to try to imitate, as                      
               closely as possible, the standard sound, syllable or word spoken by the speech synthesizer from                    
               the stored library of the system.  Unlike the voice recognition unit recited in claim 1, which                     
               acts to "recognize the distinctive sound pattern of the child speaking into the unit and to                        
               condition  the phonetic dictionary to respond to this pattern" (i.e., modify the stored phonetic3                                                                                                         

               dictionary to match the speech patterns of the child), the voice analysis hardware of Corder                       

                      3We interpret this term as "to affect, modify or influence" (Webster's New World Dictionary, Third          
               College Edition (Simon & Schuster, Inc. 1988)).                                                                    

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