Ex parte SHIELDS E AL. - Page 5

          Appeal No. 2000-1625                                                        
          Application No. 08/942,618                                                  

          when part of the structure forming that recess is a separate                
          element which is not a part of the mounting member.  In this                
          regard, we agree with appellants that the quoted limitation                 
          "clearly defines the annular recess as being in the mounting                
          member and not being formed by a subsequent assembly of parts"              
          (reply brief, page 1).                                                      
               Accordingly, the rejection of claim 1, and of claims 2 to              
          4 dependent thereon, will not be sustained.                                 
                                   Rejection (3)                                      
               This rejection will not be sustained since the additional              
          reference, Schwarz, does not supply the deficiencies of Haines              
          discussed above in relation to rejection (2).                               
                                    Rejection (4)                                     
               Verse discloses a porcelain (china) knob a (page 1, line               
          6) and a metal mounting member b, c, d, which includes an                   
          annular recess between parts b and c into which the free end                
          of the shaft of the knob is received.  Verse does not disclose              
          any adhesive, the member b being clamped to the knob (page 1,               
          lines 93 to 99).                                                            
               Bowman discloses a drawer knob 10 having a decorative                  
          insert 12 which fits into a recess 16 in the front of the knob              

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Last modified: November 3, 2007