Ex parte SHIELDS E AL. - Page 6

          Appeal No. 2000-1625                                                        
          Application No. 08/942,618                                                  

          and is held therein by "a suitable adhesive, such as glue"                  
          (col. 2, lines 11 to 14).  The examiner takes the position                  
          that (answer, page 5):                                                      
               It would have been obvious to one of ordinary skill in                 
          the       art at the time the invention was made to use an                  
          adhesive to    adhere the knob to the mounting member to more               
          securely or    permanently connect the two members.  It would               
          also have      been obvious to use the adhesive only at the                 
          overlapping    region because the overlapping region is where               
          the two members contact each other.                                         
          In response to appellants' argument that there would be no                  
          need for an adhesive in the Verse structure in view of the                  
          crimping (clamping) of the cup (member b) on the knob, and                  
          that the structure with which Bowman teaches the use of an                  
          adhesive does not remotely resemble that of Verse (brief, page              
          7), the examiner states (answer pages 9 and 10):                            
               [A]dhesives allow simple permanent attachment where the                
               crimped attachment requires an additional tool and                     
          weakens the attachment area.  Applicant [sic: Applicants]                   
          further argues [sic: argue] the location of the adhesive                    
          would not      be obvious.  As disclosed by Bowman and well                 
          known, adhesive     is placed at the contact area between the               
          objects to be       adhered.  Such placement of adhesive would              
          result in           placement of adhesive adjacent the free end             
          of the knob at      the overlapping region as claimed.                      
               We will not sustain this rejection, because we do not                  
          consider that Bowman would have taught or suggested to one of               
          ordinary skill in the art the use of adhesive to attach the                 

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