KIPOURAS et al. V. BARNHOUSE et al. - Page 2

          Interference No. 103,029                                                    

                          FINAL HEARING:  September 9, 1999                           
          Before STONER, Chief Administrative Patent Judge, PATE and                  
          LIEBERMAN, Administrative Patent Judges.                                    
          PATE, Administrative Patent Judge.                                          

                                   FINAL DECISION                                     
                    This is a final decision in Interference No. 103,029              
          involving U.S. Patent 4,775,716 to George P. Kipouras and Alan              
          R. Federl  as junior party and application Serial No.3                                                                  
          07/029,499 to James P. Barnhouse and Simon H. Yu as senior                  
          party.  The junior party patent is assigned to GE Chemicals,                
          Inc. as the successor in interest to Borg-Warner Chemicals,                 
          Inc., while the senior party application is assigned to B. F.               
          Goodrich Co.                                                                

                              Technological Background                                

               3    Hereinbelow, both parties will be referred to in the              
          singular as Kipouras and Barnhouse, respectively.                           

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