KIPOURAS et al. V. BARNHOUSE et al. - Page 5

          Interference No. 103,029                                                    

          Count 1                                                                     
                    An antistatic thermoplastic composition comprising:               
                    (A)  80% or more by weight of a copolymer having a                
          rubber substrate and a rigid phase, said rigid phase including              
          an acrylonitrile and a vinyl aromatic compound and being                    
          substantially free of non-nitrilated acrylic compounds; and                 
                    (B)  20% or less by weight of an epihalohydrin                    
          copolymer of an epihalohydrin and an oxirane-containing                     
          comonomer, wherein the ratio by weight of said epihalohydrin                
          to said oxirane comonomer is equal to or less than 1:1;                     
          wherein said epihalohydrin copolymer is present in an amount                
          such that said antistatic thermoplastic composition has                     
          improved antistatic properties in comparison to said                        
          antistatic thermo- plastic composition wherein said                         
          epihalohydrin copolymer is absent.                                          
                    The claims of the parties that correspond to the                  
          Kipouras et al.:         Claims 1-16                                        
          Barnhouse et al.:        Claims 29-36, 38-43, 45-63, 65-67,                 
                                   and 69-73                                          

                    Only one preliminary motion was filed during a                    
          preliminary motion period established by the Administrative                 


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