Interference No. 103,467                                                    

          Before CALVERT, PATE and HANLON, Administrative Patent Judges.              
          PATE, Administrative Patent Judge.                                          

                         FINAL DECISION UNDER 37 CFR 1.658                           
                    This is a final decision in Interference No.                      
          103,467. The involved junior party application is Serial No.                
          08/016,148 with Tony L. Whisenant as sole inventor.  The                    
          involved senior party patent is Patent No. 5,223,861 to                     
          Russell R. Wagner as  sole inventor.  The junior party                      
          application is not assigned.                                                
                    The subject matter of the interference is an                      
          eyeglass frame with a screwdriver stored inside.  The count in              
          inter- ference reads as follows:                                            
          Count 1                                                                     
                    An eyeglass frame comprising:                                     
                    (a) a front rim;                                                  
                    (b) a first temple arm or leg comprising a front                  
          section including a longitudinal bore, and comprising a rear                
          section including a longitudinal screwdriver blade adapted for              
          insertion into said bore, wherein said front section is                     
          hingedly connected, by means of a first hinge, to said front                


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Last modified: November 3, 2007