Interference No. 103,467                                                    

          junior party conceived of a solution to the problem of never                
          having a miniature screwdriver handy when the hinge screw of                
          his glasses needed tightening.  WR2; WR8; WR12.  He                         
          communicated this idea over the phone to his wife Hayley on                 
          several occasions prior to March 16, 1992.  WR6.                            
                    Before March 16, 1992, the junior party constructed               
          a prototype of the invention.  WR2; WR8; WR12.  The prototype               
          is  of record as the junior party exhibit.  By testimony (WR                
          2; WR8; WR12) and by our own inspection, we deem the prototype              
          to be subject matter within the scope of the count.  The                    
          prototype was used for several months after construction.                   
          WR3; WR9; WR13.  This use was prior to March 16, 1992. WR3;                 
          WR9; WR13.                                                                  

                    Priority, conception, and reduction to practice are               
          questions of law which are based on subsidiary factual                      
          findings. See Hybritech Inc. v. Monoclonal Antibodies, Inc.,                
          802 F.2d 1367, 1376, 231 USPQ 81, 87 (Fed. Cir. 1986), cert.                
          denied, 480 U.S. 947 (1987).  A reduction to practice can be                


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