Interference No. 103,640                                                    

                    Finally, Ausnit ‘443 is directed to another fastener              
          strip for a reclosable bag.  The strip has interlocking members             
          20 and 21 on webs 16 and 17.  Outwardly of the interlocking                 
          members, flanges 25 and 26 are provided with a line of frangible            
          connections such as spot welds 27 in the Figure 1 embodiment, or            
          a seam 40 with holes 41 therein in the Figure 6 embodiment.                 
          Thus, the strips of Ausnit ‘443 are unitarily connected when                
          formed (see Figure 5) and then applied to a bag.                            
                    It is our further finding that Ausnit ‘787 is evidence            
          of a recognition in the art of the self-evident advantages                  
          possessed by the folded integral fastener strip disclosed                   
          therein.  Foremost is the advantage that the two interlocking               
          member strips as disclosed in Ausnit ‘787 cannot be misplaced one           
          from the other while in transport or when feeding in the form,              
          fill, and seal machine.  The strips of Ausnit ‘787 are integrally           
          connected, and so one interlocking member necessarily carries its           
          complementary member nearby.6  Secondly, it is self-evident that            
          the folded strip of Ausnit ‘787 at the folded edge 54 has a neat            
          and tidy appearance as compared to the two flattened laminated              
          layers of the fin seal of Ausnit ‘533.  Thirdly, although the               
          ‘787 patent shows two lines of perforation 49 and 50 for ease of            

               6 The strips of Ausnit ‘443 also possess this self-evident             

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