Interference No. 103,640                                                    

          the strip are attached to the film forming a broad area of                  
          attachment for a strong bond.  Ausnit differs from the subject              
          matter at issue in the interference only to the extent that the             
          upper webs 20a and 21a are not unitary but are fastened together            
          as the bag is sealed forming a fin seal at 24 which must be                 
          severed by the user to gain access to the content of the formed             
          and filled bag.                                                             
                    Ausnit ‘787 discloses a fastener strip for a reclosable           
          bag.  As shown in Figures 4, 5 and 6, the strip has two inter-              
          locking members 44 and 45 so that when the sheet is folded the              
          interlocking members face one another.  The strip further                   
          includes web portions 47 and 48.  The two interlocking members              
          are joined together by a unitary central strip or web 46 which              
          makes the strip, the webs, and the interlocking members an                  
          integral unit.  When applied to the mouth of a bag, the                     
          interlocking members are interengagingly sealed and the central             
          strip forms a folded seal outwardly of the interlocking members             
          that must be removed, as shown in Figure 6, to gain access to the           
          contents of the bag.  Ausnit ‘787 differs from the subject matter           
          of Inagaki’s involved claims in that Ausnit ‘787 has no                     
          disclosure of a form, fill, and seal machine.  This patent is               
          directed only to the sealing strip configuration and its method             
          of use.                                                                     


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Last modified: November 3, 2007