Interference No. 103,640                                                    

                    The count reads as follows:                                       
                                       COUNT 1                                        
                    The method of forming a vertical tubular form fill                
          reclosable bag from a sheet of plastic comprising the steps:                
                    continuously feeding a supply of thin thermoplastic               
          film from a supply means; wrapping the film into tubular shape              
          over a filling spout bringing the lateral edges of the film                 
          together in adjacent relationship to form a tube;                           
                    feeding a continuous supply of plastic zipper strip               
          having webs with first and second reclosable pressure inter-                
          locking members thereon into a space between said film edges;               
          attaching the webs of said members to the film between said film            
          edges so that said strip provides the sole means joining said               
          edges and said strip provides a reopenable closure for a bag                
          formed of said film; and                                                    
                    wherein said interlocking members are joined by one of            
          said webs and said one web must be separated for access to the              
          interior of a bag formed by said film.                                      
                    The claims of the parties that correspond to the count            
          Ausnit:        Claims 1-19                                                  
          Inagaki:       Claims 11-26                                                 
                    The final hearing was held May 2, 2000. Both parties              
          submitted main briefs.  The junior party submitted a reply brief.           
          Both parties were represented by counsel at the hearing.                    
                    The Interference was declared on June 21, 1996.  During           
          a preliminary motion period, junior party Ausnit filed nine                 
          preliminary motions and Inagaki filed one.  The Administrative              
          Patent Judge (APJ) granted Ausnit Motion 1 for judgment that all            


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Last modified: November 3, 2007