Interference No. 103,640                                                    

          Before CALVERT, URYNOWICZ and PATE, Administrative Patent Judges.           
          PATE, Administrative Patent Judge.                                          

                         FINAL DECISION UNDER 37 CFR  1.658                          
                    This is a final decision in Interference No. 103,640.             
          The junior party involved patent is U.S. Patent No. 4,894,975               
          to Steven Ausnit;3 the senior party involved application is                 
          application No. 08/045,254 filed in the name of Hiromichi                   
          Inagaki.  The patent is assigned to Illinois Tool Works, and                
          the application is assigned to Supreme Plastics Ltd.                        
                    The subject matter is directed to a method and                    
          apparatus for making a reclosable bag from a sheet of plastic               
          film on a vertically extending filling chute that is used for               
          filling the formed bag.  A continuous strip of plastic zipper               
          strip having a reclosable seal thereon is fed parallel to the               
          sheet of plastic and is joined thereto.  The two interlocking               
          members of the reclosable seal remain joined by a separable web             
          that must be severed by the user for access to the interior of              
          the bag.                                                                    

               3 In this decision, the record of Ausnit and Ausnit’s exhib-           
          its will be abbreviated AR and AX- followed by the appropriate              
          page or exhibit number, respectively.  Likewise, Inagaki’s record           
          and exhibits are denoted by IR and IX-, respectively.                       

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Last modified: November 3, 2007