Ex parte DOUCHE et al. - Page 7

          Appeal No. 1996-2972                                       Page 7           
          Application No. 07/928,784                                                  

          components as disclosed therein since duplicative molding                   
          processes wherein glazing is placed in a mold and plastics                  
          injected thereafter was admittedly well-known and one skilled               
          in the art would have recognized economic advantages in                     
          duplicative molding via use of the molding techniques of                    
          Huckvale.  The examiner also opines that one of ordinary skill              
          in the art would have further modified the method of Huckvale               
          to provide for independent movement of each of the molds to                 
          and from the injection station in light of the combined                     
          teachings of the applied references including Strauss to                    
          improve the versatility of the process.  The examiner notes                 
          that Strauss teaches the independent movement of mold                       
          assemblies to and from a central injection molding station.                 
               In our view, however, there is no suggestion in the                    
          combined teachings of the applied references to modify the                  
          shoe component molding process of Huckvale as proposed by the               
          examiner.  This is so since the admitted prior art duplicative              
          molding process is described as taking place in a single                    
          station or in a dissimilar turntable type process involving                 
          four stations and four molds (specification, pages 1 and 2).                
          The examiner has not pointed to any teaching or suggestion in               

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