Ex parte TEXTER et al. - Page 4

            Appeal No. 1996-3955                                                                              
            Application 08/170,601                                                                            

            of appellants’ specification and the prior art, sets out and                                      
            circumscribes a particular area with a reasonable degree                                          
            of precision and particularity.  See In re Moore, 439 F.2d                                        
            1232, 1235, 169 USPQ 236, 238 (CCPA 1971).                                                        
                   Appellants’ claim 1 states that the couplers and silver                                    
            halide are “balanced according to a diffusion-transfer-                                           
            convoluted eye-response.”  The definition of this phrase which                                    

            rely upon (brief, page 6) is the following (specification,                                        
            page 20, lines 12-19):                                                                            
                   The combination of this balancing, according to the                                        
                   above described transfer coefficient relation of                                           
                   Equation (1), and the utilization of particular                                            
                   ratios of red, green, and blue sensitized emulsions                                        
                   according to the above discussed eye response or                                           
                   according to other enhanced visual discrimination                                          
                   criteria, is defined herein to denote “diffusion-                                          
                   transfer-convoluted eye-response”.                                                         
            Regarding Equation (1), appellants state the following                                            
            (specification, page 19, line 32 - page 20, line 4):                                              
                         We define the transfer coefficient T  as                                             
                   relating the density of dye j obtained in the                                              
                   receiver from imaging layer i (denoting distance to                                        


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