Ex parte IWABUCHI - Page 2

          Appeal No. 1996-4190                                                        
          Application 08/311,710                                                      

               The invention relates to a magnetic disk drive which                   
          records and reproduces data onto/from a magnetic medium by                  
          moving a magnetic head mounted on an actuator arm over the                  
          medium.  More particularly, the invention is directed to a                  
          mechanism for fixing the head in place when the disk drive is               
          not operated.  A magnetic body is located on the end of the                 
          actuating arm away from the head.  As the arm moves, when                   
          operating, the magnetic body defines a planar locus of points.              
          A magnet is located on a base and is spaced apart from the                  
          magnetic body in a direction  perpendicular to said planar                  
          locus of points.  The magnetic body, and hence the arm                      
          carrying the head, is held in a fixed place by the magnetic                 
          field of the magnet, without a physical contact between the                 
          body and the magnet.  The invention is further illustrated by               
          the following claim.  Representative claim 8 is reproduced as               
               8.   A structure for fixing a magnetic head which records              
          or reproduces data in or out of a medium having a recording                 
          area and a parking area, said structure comprising:                         
               a base on which the medium is mounted;                                 
               an arm holding the magnetic head over the medium;                      
               movable means for moving said arm;                                     

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