Ex parte DORAN et al. - Page 5

          Appeal No. 1997-0014                                                        
          Application No. 08/192,937                                                  

               The examiner’s contentions to the contrary                             
          notwithstanding, memory storage size in image digitizer 50 is               
          not discussed in column 5 or in any other column of D’Aoust.                
          The mere fact that D’Aoust’s “entities 48, 52, 56, 60, and 64               
          represent a single document image pipelined processing                      
          assembly” (column 4, lines 23 through 26; Figure 2) does not                
          mean that compression and other steps may take place while                  
          image data is still being received from the document scanner.               
          D’Aoust is completely silent concerning the use of the                      
          “pipeline-based system . . . to perform operations                          
          concurrently rather than sequentially so that maximum                       
          efficiency can be achieved.”                                                
               Appellants argue (Reply Brief, page 3) that:                           
                    None of the prior art including D’Aoust ‘104                      
               discloses or suggests a combination of elements in                     
               which a standard compression algorithm like the                        
               CCITT compression algorithm is applied to                              
               compressing non-transposed pixel data scanned from a                   
               document using a document scanner in a multiple                        
               processing channel environment wherein . . .                           
               compression in each channel begins after the first                     
               non-transposed scan line of pixels is generated but                    
               before the last non-transposed scan line of pixels                     
               is derived from scanning the document . . . .                          
               We agree with appellants’ arguments.  When the teachings               
          of D’Aoust are considered in toto, it is very clear that the                

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