Ex parte GANESAN - Page 13

          Appeal No. 1997-0164                                                        
          Application 08/349,300                                                      


               1.  Method for forming popcorn bars having a width and a               
          length comprising the steps of:  providing popped popcorn;                  
          providing a molten binder; removing any unpopped and any                    
          partial kernels from the popped popcorn; coating the popped                 
          popcorn with the molten binder after removal of any unpopped                
          and partial kernels; compressing a mass of the coated popped                
          popcorn into a compressed sheet; reducing the temperature of                
          the coated popped popcorn to a temperature to solidify the                  
          binder and to bind the popped popcorn; cutting the compressed               
          sheet with knives into a plurality of strips having a width                 
          equal to the width of the popcorn bars; and cutting the                     
          plurality of strips with at least one knife to a length equal               
          to the length of the popcorn bars.                                          

               22.  Popcorn bar having a top, a bottom, first and second              
          ends, and first and second sides comprising, in combination:                
          popped popcorn; a binder for binding the popped popcorn in the              
          form of a caramel syrup formed by heating a mixture of water,               
          sugar, corn syrup, molasses, salt, oil and lecithin to a                    
          temperature in the order of 82 C and then cooking the mixtureO                                             
          at a temperature in the order of 149 C, with the top andO                                       
          bottom being defined by a mass of the popped popcorn coated                 
          with the binder in a molten form compressed into a sheet, with              
          the ends and sides being formed by cutting the sheet with                   
          knives, with the coated popped popcorn between the ends and                 
          sides being substantially free of unpopped and partial                      
          kernels; and confectionery coating drizzled in a zig-zag                    
          pattern on the top.                                                         


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Last modified: November 3, 2007