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          Appeal No. 1997-0272                                                        
          Application No. 08/277,388                                                  

          sensitive resistor associated therewith is not placed in the                
          signal path of the Hall output signal so that the resistor is               
          used to respond to changes in temperature but is not affected               
          by changes in the Hall output voltage caused by circumstances               
          other than temperature changes.                                             
               Representative independent claim 1 is reproduced as                    
                    1.  A Hall effect element circuit, comprising:                    
                    a Hall effect element having a first output signal                
          which is representative of a magnetic field imposed on said                 
          Hall effect element;                                                        
                    an amplification circuit having an input connected                
          in signal communication with said first output signal, said                 
          amplification circuit having a second output signal which is                
          representative of said magnetic field; and                                  
                    a temperature compensation circuit for compensating               
          said second output signal for changes in temperature, said                  
          temperature compensation circuit having at least one                        
          temperature sensitive resistor, said temperature compensation               
          circuit being connected to said amplification circuit to                    
          receive said second output signal, said temperature sensitive               
          resistor being connected within said Hall effect element                    
          circuit in a manner which prevents changes in said first                    
          output signal from affecting a voltage potential across said                
          temperature sensitive resistor.                                             

               The examiner relies on the following references:                       
          Rao et al.          3,882,725                May  13, 1975                  


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