Ex parte HOFFMAN et al. - Page 6

          Appeal No. 1997-0384                                                        
          Application 08/086,498                                                      

          circuit for scrolling information image frames across a liquid              
          crystal display, except for the details of the blanking                     
          interval recited in the claim.  The examiner admits that                    
          "Tsunoda does not address consideration of accommodating decay              
          rates to prevent interference" between images on a LCD                      
          (Answer, page 8).  The examiner goes on to admit that "Tsunoda              
          does not teach the blanking interval being proportional to the              
          decay rate of the display screen" (Answer, page 6) as called                
          for in representative claim 1, and then relies upon the                     
          secondary reference to Hilsum for this feature.  The examiner               
          states that it would have been obvious to modify the display                
          circuit of Tsunoda with the blanking pulse of Hilsum (Hilsum’s              
          blanking pulse being proportional to the decay rate of the                  
          screen) "so that the display elements of the images are not                 
          overlapped" (Answer, page 6).                                               
               We note that Hilsum has nothing to do with scrolling in a              
          LCD, and instead relates to refreshing in a LCD (see Hilsum,                
          column 1, lines 4 to 5).  Refreshing concerns trying to keep                
          an element in the display activated for a given length of time              
          so that an image can be seen.  Scrolling on the other hand,                 
          concerns keeping an element unactivated (i.e., blanked) for a               

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Last modified: November 3, 2007