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                Appeal No. 1997-0448                                                                                                     
                Application No. 08/327,980                                                                                               

                                B.      separating the soluble molybdic oxide from the insoluble molybdenum                              
                                C.      contacting the insoluble molybdenum trioxide with at least one of lime                           
                                        and magnesium hydroxide to form a mixture containing soluble                                     
                                        molybdate values;                                                                                
                                D.      combining the mixture of step C with the soluble molybdic oxide                                  
                                        fraction of step B to form a mixture of soluble molybdenum values;                               
                                E.      contacting the aqueous mixture of step D with an organic solvent                                 
                                        containing an extractive compound that is selective for the molybdenum                           
                                        values such that a majority of the metal contaminants remain in the                              
                                        aqueous mixture while a majority of the molybdenum values are                                    
                                        extracted into the organic solvent;                                                              
                                F.      removing the extracted molybdenum values of step E from the organic                              
                                        solvent with an aqueous solution containing a stripping reagent selective                        
                                        for molybdenum values;                                                                           
                                G.      crystallizing the extracted molybdenum values of step F; and                                     
                                H.      calcining the crystallized molybdenum values of step G to form                                   
                                        molybdenum trioxide of at least technical grade.                                                 

                        The references relied on by the examiner are:                                                                    

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                        (published Great Britain patent specification)                                                                   

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