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                Appeal No. 97-1107                                                                               Page 3                  
                Application No. 08/047,512                                                                                               


                        The appellant's invention relates to a gas analysis cell with an hourglass-like central waist.  The              

                cell is used in a gas analysis system employing a fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectrometer.  In use,               

                a gas is introduced into the cell and an IR beam is passed through the gas within the cell.  After passing               

                through the gas, the IR beam is sensed by a detector.  According to the specification at page 8,                         

                because the cell has a reduced volume due to the central waist, the time it takes to purge the gas from                  

                the cell is about one-third shorter than it would be in a conventional cylindrical cell.  Claims 26 and 27               

                are representative of the subject matter on appeal and are reproduced below:                                             

                26.  A gas analysis cell comprising an axially elongated cell body in a shape of a body of revolution                    
                formed about an elongated axis, the body having a uniform thickness non-porous wall, a central waist                     
                portion, first and second tapered portions extending axially in opposite directions from the waist portion               
                and uniformly tapering radially and axially outwardly from the waist portion, the waist portion being                    
                narrower than the first and second portions, end portions on outer ends of the tapered portions and                      
                radially extending windows at outer axial ends of the end portions closing the cell body, an inlet near                  
                one end of the cell body and an outlet near another end of the cell body.                                                

                27.  The gas analysis cell of claim 26, further comprising an internal tube fixed to the inlet and extending             
                into the cell body.                                                                                                      

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