Ex parte QUINLAN - Page 5

              Appeal No. 1997-1271                                                                                     
              Application 08/294,765                                                                                   

              devices.  In conjunction with this feature, the “wherein” clause requires that the request               
              ownership information indicate whether the request data stored is valid for use by the                   
              second device and, conversely, the response ownership information indicates whether the                  
              response data is valid for accessibility by the first device.  The examiner simply has not               
              come to grips with at least these functional requirements of independent claim 1 on                      
              appeal.  Similar recitations are present in independent claim 18 which recites many                      
              features in a slightly broader format than independent claim 1.  Similarly, even more                    
              broadly recited features in independent claim 13 do not appear to be taught or suggested                 
              by the combined teachings of the references relied upon by the examiner.                                 
                     Dependent claim 6 and independent claims 16, 17, 30 and 31 relate to the                          
              particular recitation of ownership information comprising OWN_ID information and                         
              REQ_ID information with a particular defined interrelationship.  Page 8 of the answer                    
              indicates that although the examiner has admitted that the combination does not disclose                 
              these two validity indicators while still arguing that Keryvel discloses one validity indicator          
              which indicates validity of a request or response, the examiner urges this part of Keryvel               
              performs the functions of both of the claimed ownership information data structures.  At                 
              page 3 of the supplemental answer, the examiner also urges that it would have been                       
              obvious to provide two separate validity indicators to replace the functions performed by                
              Keryvel's one validity indicator.  Even if this line of reasoning in both answers was true, the          


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