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             Appeal No. 1997-1422                                                                                 
             Application 08/279,557                                                                               

             as the female fabric in a hook and loop fastener.  The fabric                                        
             has wales of stitches on its back side having free loops                                             
             arranged such that adjacent loops tilt sideways alternately in                                       
             opposite directions.  Claim 1 is illustrative and reads as                                           
                    1.    A weft inserted warp knit fabric for use as the                                         
             female fabric in a hook and loop fastener comprising:  a weft                                        
             inserted warp knit fabric having a face side and a back side,                                        
             said back side of said fabric having a plurality of spaced                                           
             wales of stitches with a lap portion of each of said stitches                                        
             projecting outwardly therefrom to form a free loop connected                                         
             only at its base to its respective wale with adjacent loops in                                       
             each wale tilted sidewise alternately in opposite directions                                         
             and a weft yarn inserted into the courses of the fabric                                              
             between the face and back side of the fabric and extending                                           
             across the full width of the fabric.                                                                 
                                               THE REFERENCES                                                     
             Rogers                      4,624,116               Nov. 25,                                         
             Matsuda                     4,709,562               Dec.  1,                                         
                                                THE REJECTION                                                     
                    Claims 1-20 stand rejected under 35 U.S.C.  103 as being                                     
             unpatentable over Rogers in view of Matsuda.                                                         
                    We have carefully considered all of the arguments                                             
             advanced by appellant and the examiner and agree with                                                


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