Ex parte RHODE - Page 3

             Appeal No. 1997-1422                                                                                 
             Application 08/279,557                                                                               

             appellant that the aforementioned rejection is not well                                              
             founded.  Accordingly, we reverse this rejection.                                                    
                    Rogers discloses a weft inserted warp knit fabric for use                                     
             as the female fabric in a hook and loop fastener (col. 1,                                            
             lines 9-13).  Rogers’ fabric has spaced wales of stitches with                                       
             a lap loop (12) of each of the stitches projecting outwardly                                         
             therefrom to form a free loop connected only at its base to                                          
             its respective wale (col. 1, lines 46-53).  Unlike appellant’s                                       
             loops which are tilted sideways alternately in opposite                                              
             directions, Rogers’ loops all point in the same direction                                            
             (figure 2).                                                                                          
                    Matsuda discloses a warp knit support tape for hook and                                       
             loop fasteners, having pile loops (17) which tilt sideways                                           
             alternately on opposite sides of wales (18) (col. lines 34-39;                                       
             col. 2, lines 15-19; figure 4).  Matsuda teaches that this                                           
             arrangement of pile loops provides increased opportunity to                                          
             engage the hooks on the mating tape (col. 2, lines 19-23).                                           
                    Appellant argues that “[t]here is no teaching in Matsuda                                      
             that would make it obvious that the lap side loops of Rogers                                         
             can be alternated in the manner claimed” (brief, page 4).                                            
                    The examiner argues that it would have been obvious to                                        

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Last modified: November 3, 2007