Ex parte SEXTL et al. - Page 2

          Appeal No. 1997-1549                                                        
          Application No. 08/208,143                                                  

          effluents by use of a fixed bed containing a molded body                    
          comprising a                                                                

          dealuminated zeolite Y and at least one binder.  Claim 1 is                 
          illustrative and reads as follows:                                          
               1.  A method for the removal of organic material from                  
          exhaust air and/or effluents, said method comprising                        
          contacting said air and/or said effluents in a fixed bed with               
          a moulded body as fixed bed adsorber, wherein said moulded                  
          body has a breaking strength of 10 to 150 N; wherein said                   
          moulded body comprises dealuminated zeolite Y and at least one              
          binder and having a hydrophobic factor of from 1.5 to 6.0,                  
          wherein a slurry of said binder in water does not exceed a pH               
          of 10; and wherein said moulded body is produced by a process               
          comprising mixing pulverulent dealuminated zeolite Y with at                
          least one binder, optionally with the addition of a lubricant               
          and/or a pore former, and optionally with water or an organic               
          solvent, moulding by granulation or extrusion of the resulting              
          kneadable mass to form a moulded body, and drying and                       
          calcining at 850 to 1100C said moulded body.                              

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