Ex parte DANNENBERG - Page 2

              Appeal No. 1997-1783                                                                                         
              Application No. 08/421,016                                                                                   


                     The appellant's invention relates to a system for programming response speed of                       
              electronically-controlled gauges wherein a single type of gauge can be used for various                      
              applications with varied needle responsiveness.  An understanding of the invention can be                    
              derived from a reading of exemplary claim 1 , which is reproduced below.                                     
                     1.  In a microprocessor-based instrument gauge, comprising;                                           
                     A) an instrument gauge having an electromechanical movement;                                          
                     B) a microprocessor comprising,                                                                       
                            i) input means for receiving data,                                                             
                            ii) memory means for storing data,                                                             
                            iii) processing means for processing data,                                                     
                            iv) and output means for delivering processed data;                                            
                     C) means supplying gauge programming data to said input means and                                     
                     means supplying gauge signal data to said input means;                                                
                     D) said memory means storing gauge programming data that is used by                                   
                     said processing means to create gauge movement data at said output                                    
                     E) gauge movement drive circuit means operatively coupling said output                                
                     means with said gauge movement for causing said gauge movement to be                                  
                     operated by said gauge movement data;                                                                 

                     2 We note that clause (A) of claim 1 is not present in the amendment filed Feb. 14, 1995  (Paper      
              no. 7), which was entered by preliminary amendment in the continuation application.  This appears to be a    
              clerical oversight, therefore we have included the limitation in our consideration.                          

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