Ex parte DANNENBERG - Page 3

              Appeal No. 1997-1783                                                                                         
              Application No. 08/421,016                                                                                   

                     F) said microprocessor being configured to store as gauge programming                                 
                     data, one or more various parameters relevant to operation of the gauge                               
                     movement; the improvement which comprises:                                                            
                     G) said means supplying gauge programming data to said input means                                    
                     comprising means supplying to said input means movement speed data                                    
                     defining speed at which the gauge movement is to move when the                                        
                     microprocessor acts on gauge signal data commanding a change in the                                   
                     position of the gauge movement;                                                                       
                     H) said microprocessor memory means comprising an EEprom that is                                      
                     programmed from said means supplying gauge programming data for                                       
                     erasably storing as one of said various parameters, the movement speed                                
                     data supplied to said input means; and                                                                
                     I) said processing means acting on the movement speed data stored in said                             
                     EEprom of said memory means to create gauge movement data at said                                     
                     output means for causing the gauge movement to move at speed                                          
                     determined by the stored movement speed data when said processing                                     
                     means acts on gauge signal data commanding a change in position of the                                
                     gauge movement.                                                                                       

                     The prior art references of record relied upon by the examiner in rejecting the                       
              appealed claims are:                                                                                         
                     Dannenberg                   4,875,041                    Oct. 17, 1989                               
                     Luitje                       4,939,675                    Jul. 03, 1990                               
                     Computer Dictionary, second edition, Microsoft Press, Redmond, WA                                     


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