Ex parte GROSSI et al. - Page 6

          Appeal No. 1997-1992                                       Page 6           
          Application No. 08/115,388                                                  

          component, at least one N,N'-dinitroso phenylenediamine                     
          compound from among those specified in claim 10.  The claimed               
          N,N'-dinitroso phenylenediamine compound must conform to the                
          formula specified in claim 10 and may include a C -C  alkyl                 
                                                           1  12                      
          substituent on one of the amine groups and a C -C  aryl                     
                                                        6  10                         
          substituent on the other amine group.                                       
               Our review of appellants' specification reveals that                   
          appellants use the term "alkyl" as normally employed to refer               
          to open chain carbon substituents (radicals) of the specified               
          length that would have one less hydrogen atom than the                      
          aliphatic hydrocarbon from which they may be derived.  In this              
          regard, we note that appellants separately list cycloalkyl                  
          groups and alkyl groups where both cyclic and acyclic groups                
          are intended to be included. See, e.g., page 6, line 20 of the              
          specification.  Accordingly, in giving the claimed "alkyl" its              
          broadest reasonable interpretation, we determine that a                     
          skilled artisan would interpret the claimed formula for                     
          component (a) of the inhibitor composition of claim 10 as not               
          including N or N'                                                           

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