Ex parte HASEGAWA et al. - Page 15

          Appeal No. 1997-2046                                      Page 15           
          Application No. 08/059,350                                                  

               In view of the examiner’s unsubstantiated, conclusory                  
          opinion, we are not persuaded that teachings from the prior                 
          art would have suggested the limitations of "at least one                   
          ferromagnetic layer stacked on said planar inductance element;              
          where said ferromagnetic layer is two-dimensionally divided                 
          into a plurality of ferromagnetic portions with no intervening              
          structures between the portion.”  The examiner fails to                     
          establish a prima facie case of obviousness.  Therefore, we                 
          reverse the rejection of claim 56 under 35 U.S.C.  103.  We                
          next, and last, address claims 57-62 and 76.                                

                                 Claims 57-62 and 76                                  
               Recognizing that Hasegawa and Takahashi fail to have                   
          suggested a saturation magnetization greater than 1O kG or a                
          thickness less than 100 Fm, the examiner concludes, "[i]t                   
          would have obvious for Hasegawa et al. to have layers with a                
          saturation magnetization of not less than 10KG as taught by                 
          Soohoo."  (Examiner's Answer at 8.)  He further concludes,                  
          "[s]ince Yoshizawa et al. ... have such layers of less than                 
          100Fm (example 35) used for inductor coils, it would have been              
          obvious for Hasegawa et al. to have layers of less than 100Fm               

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