Ex parte MATSUI et al. - Page 2

               Appeal No. 1997-2426                                                                                                   
               Application 08/087,849                                                                                                 

               and 12 through 37 have been canceled.                                                                                  

                       This invention relates to a noise absorber for absorbing and reflecting electrical noise                       

               transmitted along an electrical cable.  In particular, the Appellants disclose on pages 7 through 10 of the            

               specification and illustrated in figure 6A, a case member 105 with a pair of ferrite pieces 103.  The case             

               member 105 has a fixing hole 105j for fixing a spring member 107 to case member 105.  While the                        

               case 105 is in a closed state, spring member 107 is deflected with the resilience applied to the ferrite               

               pieces 103 forming a closed loop.  The ferrite pieces are kept in close contact with each other.  Case                 

               105 is closed such that the cable 109 is between the ferrite pieces 103.                                               

                       This invention further relates to spreading a magnetic fluid 224 on both abutting planes of the                

               ferrite pieces 103 (or 203).  The Appellants disclose on page 11 of the specification that the magnetic                

               fluid 224 is a stable colloidal solution in which ferromagnetic grains are dispersed in a non-magnetic                 

               solution such as water and light oil.  The magnetic fluid paves the rough abutting planes of the ferrite               


                       The independent claims 38, 44 and 50 are reproduced as follows:                                                

                       38.  An electric noise absorber for attenuating electric noise on an electric cable, said noise                
               absorber comprising:                                                                                                   

                       two bodies of magnetic material, each magnetic body having abutment surfaces which contact                     
               the abutment surfaces of the other magnetic body to form a magnetic circuit, each of the magnetic                      
               bodies having a notch located at one end of the magnetic body;                                                         

                       two case members which are relatively movable into a closed position, each of the case                         


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