Ex parte MATSUI et al. - Page 11

               Appeal No. 1997-2426                                                                                                
               Application 08/087,849                                                                                              

                  compression springs 24 and 25.  Since . . . the full force of the tension spring 12 does not operate             

                  directly against the two ferrite core halves, the latter are not exposed to risk of breakage.”  Thus,            

                  Heilmann supports the Appellants’ position that spring types may not be interchanged without regard              

                  to the environment and without regard to the stated problem that each solves.                                    

                                 We note that Dowdle discloses a magnetic core structure whose core 11 consists of                 

                  a stack of a plurality of laminations shown in detail by 12 in figure 5, col. 2, lines 10 through 13.  In        

                  order to compress the laminations forming the core 11 within the channel 13, resilient members 14                

                  and 15 are provided to interact with the inner walls of channel 13 and the core 11.  The resilient               

                  members 14 and 15 are generally of leaf spring construction as outlined in col. 2, lines 15 through              


                                 The Dowdle reference states in col. 2, lines 20 to 38 that the leaf springs 14 and 15             

                  primarily function to compress the core laminations.  Dowdle further states that the leaf springs serve          

                  to take up variations in lamination thickness. The Dowdle magnetic structure is concerned with                   

                  sufficient spring force to replace a rivet or bolt as noted in col. 1, lines 12 to 18.  The force applied        

                  by a bolt or rivet is substantial compared to that of the Heilmann compression springs 24 and 25                 

                  which are selected with a concern for alignment without ferrite core halve breakage.                             


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