Ex parte BRYNING et al. - Page 6

          Appeal No. 1997-2569                                                        
          Application No. 08/469,578                                                  

          air, causes agitation of the liquids and effects a mixing                   
          thereof.  Gibbs discloses several parameters such as tape                   
          speed and air flow which are said to achieve adequate mixing.               
          See, e.g., col. 3, lines 46-57 and col. 4, lines 15-29.                     
          According to Gibbs, this method prevents cross-contamination                
          between samples.  See col. 1, lines 5-54; col. 2, lines 5-28.               
               Lee discloses a method for analyzing whole blood samples               
          using a gel medium incorporated into a rigid support or                     
          applied as a coating on a tape.  The whole blood sample is                  
          dropped onto the gel medium at an application station.                      
          Thereafter (col. 6, lines 11-15):                                           
               A vibratory agitator 71 is disposed adjacent the                       
               tape 60 at the application station 62 to mix the                       
               sample and prevent sedimentation of red cells in the                   
               whole blood sample, while the plasma solutes are                       
               diffusing into the gels.                                               
               Woodbridge discloses an analytical test strip comprising               
          a pocket for receiving small sample fluids.  Vibration,                     
          including sonic and ultrasonic stimulation, may be used to mix              
          fluids contained in the pocket.  See col. 11, lines 3-9.                    


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