Ex parte CHEN et al. - Page 12

          Appeal No. 1997-2898                                                        
          Application 08/368,239                                                      

               Himelstein discloses that more than one graphic object                 
          can be created in a graphic space.  See column 5, lines 21-24.              
          Each graphic object is created by the user with a front                     
          polygon (i.e., parent face) and based on a user provided depth              
          would be drawn with a corresponding back polygon (i.e., offset              
          face).  For each graphic object, when the user creates a front              
          polygon such action constitutes selecting that polygon as a                 
          parent face.  We find that providing more than one graphic                  
          object in a graphic space where each graphic object has a                   
          front polygon and a back polygon meets the Appellants' claimed              
          language "means for defining two pairs of parallel planes" and              
          thereby reads on Appellants' limitations in claim 8.                        
               Appellants argues on page 13 of the brief that neither                 
          Himelstein nor Fuller discloses means for determining a                     
          distance between the first face and the offset face.                        
               Claim 17 recites a limitation of "determining a distance               
          between the first face and the offset face".  Appellants'                   
          disclosure on page 13 provides an embodiment where distances                
          between faces are calculated.   However, Appellants chose to                
          recite the broader term of "determining."  One way of                       


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