Ex parte STEIN et al. - Page 3

          Appeal No. 1997-2989                                                        
          Application No. 08/280,343                                                  

               The disclosed invention relates to a network of computer               
          workstations that interact with a master workstation.  For                  
          example, the workstations might be used by students in a                    
          learning environment, and the master workstation can be under               
          the control of a teacher.  The invention facilitates the                    
          teacher’s observation and assistance of students in their                   
          learning by prioritizing, displaying and removing requests for              
          attention  that are sent by the students to the teacher.  The               
          invention is further illustrated by the following claim.                    
                         1.  In an interactive computer network of a                  
                    type including at least one master workstation                    
                    and a plurality of other workstations, a method                   
                    for communicating requests for attention from                     
                    the other workstations and displaying said                        
                    requests at the master workstation, comprising                    
                    the steps of:                                                     
                         generating requests for attention at                         
                    respective ones of said plurality of other                        
                         transmitting each of said requests to said                   
                    master workstation;                                               
                         storing each of said requests to said                        
                    master workstation;                                               
                         assigning a priority to each of the stored                   
                         displaying an identification of at least                     
                    some of said other workstations at said master                    
                    workstation, in a predetermined order that is                     
                    independent of any priority assigned to pending                   
                         displaying an indicator in association with                  
                    each of said other workstations that has a                        

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