Ex parte SAVAGE et al. - Page 5

          Appeal No. 1997-3089                                       Page 5           
          Application No. 08/577,839                                                  

               The “rings” of King and Allegre appear to be part of a                 
          squirrel cage structure which structure, as a whole, acts to                
          reduce vibration.  Thus, we agree with appellants that there                
          does not appear to be any reason to dissect these rings from                
          the rest of the squirrel cage structures and use only those                 
          rings in Persson to achieve the claimed invention.  There                   
          clearly is no suggestion in any of these references to make                 
          such a modification.                                                        
               Moreover, appellants argue that even if such a combination             
          were to be made, the rings of King and Allegre have no time-                
          varying current induced in them by a rotating flux.  Appellants             
          submit sketches and an explanation as to why the rings of King              
          and Allegre have no time-varying current induced in them by a               
          rotating flux [principal brief-pages 29-31] and such                        
          explanation appears reasonable to us.  The examiner’s response              
          [answer-page 9] is to state that it is a “well-known                        
          characteristic of electromagnetic fields that when a rotating               
          magnetic flux penetrates a conductive device the flux induces a             
          time varying current in the device.”  However, based on                     
          appellants’ explanation, it does not appear that the flux lines             
          would pass through ring 21 in King, for example.  But, again,               

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Last modified: November 3, 2007