Ex parte YAMAMICHI et al. - Page 2

          Appeal No. 1997-4024                                                        
          Application No. 08/299,407                                                  

               1.  A method of manufacturing a thin film capacitor                    
          comprising the steps of:                                                    
               depositing an interlayer insulating film on a                          
          semiconductor substrate;                                                    
               forming one or more contact holes at a desired position                
          of said interlayer insulating film;                                         
               depositing a polysilicon layer to embed said contact                   
               flattening a surface of said polysilicon layer by                      
          chemical and mechanical polishing using at least one of                     
          piperazine and colloidal silica slurry; and                                 
               depositing on the flattened polysilicon layer a barrier                
          metal film, a dielectric thin film having a high dielectric                 
          constant and an electrically conductive film for an upper                   
          electrode and then processing those films to have a desired                 
               The examiner relies upon the following reference as                    
          evidence of obviousness                                                     
          Yamamichi et al.            5,332,684               July 26, 1994           
               Appellants' claimed invention is directed to a method of               
          making a thin film capacitor wherein a polysilicon layer is                 
          embedded in the contact holes of an interlayer insulating                   
          film.  The polysilicon layer is flattened by chemical and                   
          mechanical polishing using one of piperazine and a colloidal                
          silica slurry.  According to appellants, the conventional way               
          for flattening a polysilicon layer is to use a dry etching                  

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