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                 Appeal No. 1997-4033                                                                                                                   
                 Application No. 08/589,584                                                                                                             

                                   region 122 result in the formation of a thinner MQW                                                                  
                                   structure in the exposed spaces 202 of active region                                                                 
                                   122; whereas the relatively narrower mask stripes                                                                    
                                   201 in passive regions 121 and 123 result in the                                                                     
                                   formation of relatively thicker MQW structure in the                                                                 
                                   spaces 202 of passive regions 121 and 123.                                                                           
                          Appellant’s specification as filed has very little to say                                                                     
                 about the thickness of the MQW structure.   It simply states              3                                                            
                 (at 16, lines 7-8) that "[t]he thickness of the quantum well                                                                           
                 is proportional to the width of the mask pattern 201," which                                                                           
                 suggests direct rather than inverse proportionality.                                                                                   
                 Moreover,  a directly proportional relationship is described                                                                           
                 in the Sasaki et al. reference (Sasaki), which explains that                                                                           
                          [s]electively grown layer thickness depends on mask                                                                           
                          pattern, because, under certain growth conditions, most                                                                       
                          of the source species over the masked region do not                                                                           
                          deposit on the mask region and they diffuse laterally to                                                                      
                          the growth region.  Layer thickness increases with the                                                                        
                          mask stripe width. [Emphasis added.] [Sasaki at 374, 2d                                                                       
                          col., lines 9-15.]                                                                                                            
                 Consistent with this statement, Sasaki discloses using mask                                                                            
                 stripe widths of 3 Fm and 10 Fm to form well thicknesses of                                                                            
                 5.2 nm and 6.6 nm, respectively (Sasaki at 375, 1st col.,                                                                              

                          3However, the specification as amended at page 11,                                                                            
                 line 3, calls for the MQW structure to be thicker in the                                                                               
                 passive regions than it is in the active region.  See                                                                                  
                 Preliminary Amendment filed January 22, 1996 (paper No. 13).                                                                           

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