Ex parte BIELAWSKI et al. - Page 8

          Appeal No. 1998-0387                                                        
          Application 08/566,192                                                      

          unpatentable over the combination of Berman and Marchand,                   
          since in line 14 of the claim is recited the step of “passing               
          the flue gas upwardly through an array of tubular condensing                
          heat exchangers . . .” (emphasis added).  This differs from                 
          the Berman system, where the gas is passed horizontally                     
          through heat exchanger 14, and we find no teaching in Berman                
          or Marchand which would have suggested modifying the Berman                 
          system to pass the gas “upwardly” through heat exchanger 14.                
               In view of the foregoing, rejection (1) will be sustained              
          as to claims 1 and 2, and reversed as to claims 7 and 8                     
          (dependent on claim 7).                                                     
          Rejection (2)                                                               
               The rejection of claim 10 will be sustained.  Warren’s                 
          teachings of the advantages of covering the tubes of heat                   
          exchangers used in a flue gas scrubber with a fluoroplastic                 
          polymer such as Teflon (e.g., col. 2, lines 14 to 18, and col.              
          3, lines 61 to 66) would readily have suggested to one of                   
          ordinary skill the application of such a coating to the heat                
          exchanger tubes 26 of Berman.  Contrary to appellants’                      
          argument (brief, pages 19 to 20), the fact that Warner’s heat               


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Last modified: November 3, 2007