Ex parte BRIGHT - Page 3

          Appeal No. 1998-0483                                                        
          Application No. 08/543,840                                                  

                                    THE INVENTION                                     
               The appellant's invention relates to a method of applying              
          an elastic label to a container (specification, p. 1).  A copy              
          of the claims under appeal is set forth in the appendix to the              
          appellant's brief.2                                                         
               Claim 1 is illustrative of the subject matter in issue                 
          and reads as follows:                                                       
               A method of applying an elastic segment of sheet material              
                   having a leading end and a trailing end unattached to              
                   the leading end to the surface of an article, said                 
                   method comprising:                                                 
               stretching the segment to elastically deform the label                 
                    and increase the distance between the leading and                 
                    trailing ends,                                                    
               applying said segment while so stretched to the article                
                    by adhering the leading end of the stretched segment              
                    to the article with a fast acting adhesive which                  
                    substantially adheres the leading end of the                      
                    stretched segment to the article while the stretched              
                    segment is in an elastically deformed condition,                  
                    wrapping the stretched segment around said article                
                    and securing the trailing end of the stretched                    
                    segment to said leading end or to the article,                    
                    whereby said segment as applied to the article is in              
                    the elastically deformed condition.                               

          The claims in the appendix are correct with the exception of claim 14 which,2                                                                          
          as noted in the previous footnote, was amended subsequent to submission of the
          appellant's brief and appendix.                                             


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