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          Appeal No. 1998-0488                                                        
          Application No. 08/496,234                                                  

          The invention pertains to a method and apparatus for                        
          determining color misregistration in a multi-color printing                 
          press.  More particularly, the invention relates to a printing              
          press in which three separate printing stations, such as cyan,              
          magenta and yellow, cooperate to produce process black.  A                  
          process black registration mark is formed at a desired                      
          location on a web where an image is to be printed.  The                     
          process black registration mark is examined to determine if                 
          the separate printing stations have properly produced the                   
          process black registration mark.                                            
          Representative claim 1 is reproduced as follows:                            
                         1.  A method of determining color                            
                    misregistration in a multi-color printing press                   
                    having a plurality of printing stations that                      
                    each include a plate cylinder and that each                       
                    prints a color image on a web with a                              
                    predetermined color of ink, wherein the colors                    
                    printed by the plurality of printing stations                     
                    cooperate to produce process black, said method                   
                    comprising the steps of:                                          
                         identifying an area of the desired image                     
                    that is intended to be printed in black;                          
                         forming registration images on the plate                     
                    cylinders of the printing stations, said                          
                    registration images being positioned on the                       
                    plate cylinders such that, during subsequent                      
                    printing operations, they will produce color                      
                    registration marks that cooperate to print a                      
                    process black registration mark on the web in                     


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