Ex parte ZANDEE - Page 2

          Appeal No. 1998-0626                                                         
          Application No. 08/593,114                                                   

          previous state.  If any information fields have changed, a                   
          current value of each changed information field is recorded in               
          a uniquely identifiable location.  The current state is then                 
          recorded using a record specifying the current values of each                
          changed information field by reference to the uniquely                       
          identifiable location.  Image capture is thereby accomplished.               
          (Specification page 4, line 28 to page 5, line 13.)                          
               Independent claims 5 is reproduced as follows:                          
               5. Using a computer having a memory system, a method for                
          use in producing a graphic image using a set of graphics                     
          primitives each of which is executed in accordance with a                    
          current state of a graphics environment at a time when a                     
          command invoking the graphics primitive was received, the                    
          current state of the graphics environment including a                        
          plurality of state elements and being changed at times by an                 
          image source, the method comprising the steps of:                            
               each time a state element has changed from when a                       
          previous command involving a graphics primitive was received                 
          to when a current command involving a graphics primitive was                 
               saving in the memory system an instance of that state                   
          element containing current information for that state element;               
               saving in the memory system a graphics state object                     
          including for each of said plurality of state elements a                     
          pointer to a most recently saved instance of that state                      
               wherein each graphics state object includes a pointer to                
          only one instance of a given state element, and at least some                


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