Ex parte ZANDEE - Page 5

          Appeal No. 1998-0626                                                         
          Application No. 08/593,114                                                   

               suggests that it is well known in the art to point                      
               to the recently saved element (or element to be                         
               changed)(abstract, lines 8-15, [i.e.], the pointers                     
               can be used to indicate changes to a selected group                     
               of elements or to modify only to a selected element                     
               (character image)).  It would have been obvious to                      
               one of ordinary skill in the art to provide the                         
               graphics data structure of Doyle et al. with the                        
               means to point to the current saved element as                          
               taught by Zimmerman, in order to reduce the number                      
               of location[s] where changes have to be made and                        
               reducing the amount of memory needed to store[] the                     
               changes in state elements, by only recording the                        
               changes in the state elements of the state elements                     
               being modif[ied]. [Answer-pages 4 and 5.]                               
               We note that claim 5 recites:                                           
                    saving in the memory system a graphics state                       
               object including for each of said plurality of state                    
               elements a pointer to a most recently saved instance                    
               of that state element; [emphasis added]                                 
          Although the Examiner contends this is suggested by Zimmerman                
          in the abstract, we can find no such suggestion of a most                    
          recently saved state element or something equivalent thereto.                
               On pages 5 through 7 of the brief, Appellant argues that                
          Doyle fails to disclose several of the elements recited in                   
          claim 5.  For example, Appellant argues Doyle is “composed of                
          various nodes that are linked together by pointers” (brief-                  
          page 5), and that a “reference node” may point to multiple                   
          other nodes.  “Nevertheless a reference node is not the same                 


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